At home LBH, you have all our attention

We’re a team full of dedicated professionals. When we work on a project, we line up a team of different personalities, skills, and competencies. That’s how we succeed.

We’ve been around since 1986.
Much has changed over the years, but our mission remains the same: To help our clients reach their dreams and visions.

No matter the project, it’s always characterized by deep respect and trust. We never compromise on our values.

We take our time to understand and listen to all the details, nuances, and narratives. A project truly stands out when all the small things are intertwined.

Because that’s where they are. The great ideas. In the meeting with others where perspectives and visions arise.

We assure you that we’ve done our utmost wherever you meet us. That we’ve done all we can to solve the project at the highest level possible.

Whether it’s 3 or 300 homes makes no difference.
Every single assignment is bespoken to the unique client, need, and project.

Just like we always have.

Lone Bøegh Henriksen

CEO & Owner  |  45 93 24 44

“It must never be indifferent”
Lone’s interest in the real estate industry dates back to her childhood when her father was also an independent real estate agent. Here she quickly learned that she was both good at the professional and at noticing other people. That, combined with an in-depth understanding of complicated contexts, quickly gave her great results.
For Lone, it’s crucial that you always make an effort. That you, in the meeting with other people and when tasks need to be solved, do your very best and solve the task at the highest possible level, both when it comes to small or large projects. She does this herself, always having a good amount of curiosity and humility in all her work. It must never become routine, or you might lose the chance to get the extra little thing done that provides value to the customer and the project.


Per Mørkenborg

Partner, Project Manager & Real Estate Agent, MDE  |  22 65 65 25

“Being a real estate agent is not a job, it’s a lifestyle”

With more than 30 years of real estate experience, the last 7 years in the project department, you can safely say that no one has more experience or a better basic knowledge in project sales and project rental than Per. This means that all the challenges you may encounter as a project develops, both large or small projects, he has seen before and therefore knows exactly how to handle and solve, so the customer always gets the best result.

If there’s one thing Per never compromises on, it’s trust. Customers need to know that they can trust him to complete the projects and deliver, no matter what market they are in. He treats each project as if it were his own and always gives the customer the counseling, he would have given himself.


Nikolaj Møller Andersen

Project Manager & Real Estate Agent, MDE  |  30 32 99 66

“We keep our promises”
Nikolaj started as a trainee in Lone’s company at home Søborg back in 1992. And since then, he has worked in a lot of different home LBH stores around Denmark. He has also been involved in starting Project Sales 2.0 for Danbolig, and he has worked 1.5 years on the other side of the table. His curiosity and energy have given him a unique knowledge of the market, as well as a huge insight and a great understanding of the customer’s needs.

For Nikolaj, a good relationship with the customers is essential. The mutual respect and trust you give and receive, is for him absolutely indispensable. And that is precisely what characterizes his approach to his work. You must behave properly, keep your promises and finish things well.


Marie Beltov Carlsen

Rental Manager & Real Estate Agent  |  29 24 61 08

“We always reach our goal”
Marie started an internship at home LBH almost 7 years ago. Here she got the basic internal training and was shaped in the LBH spirit. Her enormous energy and efforts meant that she, after her apprenticeship, quickly got project responsibility next to her work as a real estate agent. And that’s what characterizes Marie. She has the full overview, she’s in control, and she’s also full of good ideas, which gives a great sense of security to her customers, as they know they can always leave a project to Marie, she always achieves her goals.

For Marie, working with people is what drives her. Getting things done, creating good customer relationships and being able to put herself in the customer’s place and help them get to achieve, means everything to her and is precisely what adds value to her work.



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